ACS, Inc. Philosophy

It is our mission to achieve superior excellence by utilizing our best asset, our employees.  By working together as a TEAM, our employees continually accomplish a common goal - complete customer satisfaction by demonstrating the ability to not only consistently meet, but exceed, their expectations.

Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Our core values are extremely important to us and all ACS employees play a vital role in working to achieve a standard of excellence.  These values are incorporated into our daily work.

  • One Company, One Team.  
We work as a team to achieve results.   We treat everyone with respect, dignity and common courtesy regardless of background, lifestyle or position in the company.
  • Personal Accountability for Excellence. 
Promises made are promises kept; we establish and meet high performance expectations to achieve standards of excellence.
  • Integrity. 
It goes without saying, excellence is achieved through our actions; ACS associates act ethically, honestly and fairly.  We communicate issues openly, directly and in a timely fashion.  We are consistent in words and actions.

"Excellence is achieved when everyone in the organization works together as a TEAM to accomplish one purpose, to take care of the customer by being attentive, genuinely concerned about their needs, and demonstrating the ability to come through for them, every time."
Jo-Ann Louis, President
ACS, Inc.

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